Flowing deep below the ground runs an aquifer that stems from Glacier Peak. This is where the Town of Darrington gets the clean, fresh water that we are known for.  Our water is exceptional in taste and clarity and is not treated with chemicals. The Darrington Utilities Department must follow strict rules and standards that are regulated by the Department of Health to keep your water safe and clean. We test our wells on a monthly basis to ensure that the water you are receiving meets or exceeds those rules and standards. The quality of water that comes from the wells that hold our water is of utmost importance to the Town of Darrington Utilities staff and we strive to make certain our community has safe and clean water now, and for years to come.

The Town of Darrington Utilities Department currently serves approximately 600 accounts. We provide water and garbage service within town limits and bills bi-monthly for those services.

The balance is due 20 days after the issue date. Accounts are considered delinquent if the payment is not received by the Due Date shown on the bill. In the event that an account should become delinquent, a Delinquent/Termination Notice will be issued.  A penalty of $10.00 will be assessed against all delinquencies.

Please consider this the final notice that your utility services will be discontinued and disconnected if full payment plus any late charges are not received by the due date on the Delinquent/Termination Notice. In order to reinstate service due to failure to pay, the total balance plus an additional $100 Termination Fee will be required.

Request for Services / Service Cancellation Requests

All new service accounts are required to fill out a Town of Darrington Utility Service Application. A $25.00 registration fee is due at that time.

Please contact Town Hall when you no longer require services or to provide closing or move-out information. Any previous balance on the property must be paid in full before the next customer requests service.

In order to shut-off or restore existing utility services at your home or property please fill out the Voluntary Water Shut-off/Restoration Waiver and Indemnification Agreement and submit to the Utilities Manager for processing. Once the form has been received, the Utilities Manager will contact you to make arrangements with the Utilities Supervisor.

Credit/Debit Fees will apply

*Please use “Town of Darrington” as the business you wish to pay.
Town of Darrington Utility Service Application.

Click the button below to download the application.

Voluntary Water Shut-off/Restoration Waiver and Indemnification Agreement

Click the button below to download the application.

Waste Management

*WM Inclement Weather Service Alert 2022*

As winter draws near, Waste Management is preparing to serve Darrington during inclement weather. We’re committed to providing collection service when it is safe to do so. When unsafe road conditions prohibit us from providing service, we will proactively communicate with the town and with residents.

During inclement weather, we will post service updates on our Darrington specific service alert page. There is a link to our service alert page from Waste Management’s Darrington website (http://wmnorthwest.com/darrington/) or by visiting this link:

When service days are missed, WM will collect missed materials on the customer’s next regular collection day.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a requirement in accordance with Town ordinances that each residence or business establishment have adequate garbage service with Waste Management. These services are billed through the Town for your convenience. Please visit the WM Northwest/Darrington website for information on collection and holiday schedules and recycling information. Click HERE for an overview of Garbage Container Options from Waste Management.

Need to change services? Please Contact a Town Hall representative to assist you with your Waste Management needs.

Waste Management also provides dumpster rental services for home or business. Ordering is easy! Please Contact a Town Hall representative to assist you with your dumpster rental.

In an effort to keep our streets clean from debris and pollutants the Town of Darrington would like to remind residents to remove garbage and recycling containers from the right-of-way to allow the sweeper to clean our streets. Let’s all do our part to keep our streets clean!

Waste Management Rate Increase Notice

Click the link below to view the Rate Increase Notice

Inclement Weather and Route Information
Waste Management Collection Schedule & Information
Contamination Charge Information
Wood Debris – Lawn/Leaf Debris Recycling Program

*Wood Debris Program is cancelled for 2022*

Please join the Town of Darrington, Hampton Lumber Mills, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and Snohomish County Public Works Solid Waste in making these FREE programs an “alternative to burning” a success.

  • Bring your wood debris to our collection site at the Hampton Lumber Log Yard for recycling on select Saturdays from May-October.
  • Leafy and yard debris may be taken to the Darrington Municipal Airport ( North Sauk Avenue) and placed in the collection dumpster during daylight hours.

Click top right of image to enlarge flyer

Free Electronics Recycling

Visit the E-Cycle Website for a list of participating locations for electronics recycling. Qualified customers can recycle the following items at no cost:

  • Computers, laptops, tablets
  • E-readers
  • Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Portable DVD players
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