Business Licensing


Starting January 31, 2019, the Town of Darrington will be working with the Department of Revenue and their Business Licensing Service department for the Town’s Business Licenses. To apply for your Annual Business License for the Town of Darrington, please use the link below.

The Town of Darrington requires each person(s) engaging in business within town limits to obtain a business license and pay an annual fee of $25.00 or as established by ordinance. Business Licenses must be posted in a conspicuous location at the place of business for which issued.

A Business and Operating (B&O) tax of .00075 on all gross revenue sales and service ($5000 and over) done within the town limits of Darrington is due quarterly.

Forms may be emailed to the office or you may Contact Town Hall at 360-436-1131 for more information

The Town of Darrington accepts the following payment methods for Quarterly Business and Operating Tax:

  • Cash – only accepted in person at Town Hall
  • Check – accepted in person, by mail, or via after hours drop box
  • Debit/Credit Card- Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card are accepted Online and in-person at Town Hall.  Credit/Debit card fees will apply.
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