Public Works

The Town of Darrington Public Works Department oversees the management of the town’s water supply, storm drain and transportation systems, along with maintenance of public area. The projects and services that the Public Works Department manages are vital to the community’s growth, health, safety, comfort, and quality of life. Our Staff is committed to serving Darrington residents and strives to provide superior customer service.

  • Operates the Town of Darrington water system, maintaining over 15 miles of water pipeline and providing water testing in accordance to the Washington State Department of Health regulations
  • Maintains over 11 miles of streets in Darrington
  • Operates snow removal equipment during winter seasons
  • Responsible for the structural, landscaping, systems maintenance and custodial needs of parks and town facilities
  • Maintains over five acres of the Darrington Cemetery and assists in cemetery functions and locates
Winter Parking and Sidewalk Regulations

It is important for the Town of Darrington to be able to provide snow removal to help keep public streets open to provide essential services. During the dates of November 15th through March 14th of each year, please make sure to remove any standing vehicle, garbage or recycling containers or personal property from any street right-of-way within the Town limits when snow removal is required. Vehicles that are in the right-of-way may be immediately removed or impounded as provided in the Darrington Municipal Code 10.06.020-10.06.030.

The Town of Darrington also requires property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice ( Darrington Municipal Code Chapter 12.04.010 ) so that everyone can have safe access throughout Town. We all need to do our part to make our community safe and accessible for all.

During snow season please help us to keep the streets clear and safe for Darrington residents and visitors. The Public Works Department Staff work around the clock to ensure roads and streets are safe for travel. They follow a designated snow plow route as follows:

  1. Darrington Truck Route – from Fullerton, to Darrington Street to the Mountain Loop Hwy
  2. Darrington Fire Department and Town Hall – Sauk Avenue – Cascade Street
  3. Darrington School District – Sauk Avenue and Fir Street
  4. All residential streets

WSDOT is responsible for plowing SR Hwy 530

Snohomish County is responsible for plowing the Mountain Loop Highway and Sauk Prairie Road

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